*****System Update 14/05/22****

In the immortal words of Gloria Gaynor:-

Some of you have tried to hurt me with goodbyes and Reddit and Trust pilot, And At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you buying my shit But then I spent  a couple nights thinking how they did me wrong,  I grew strong, I learned how to get along And so I’m back From outer space!

We are Open

Payment processor is now working! Yeah!!

No need to send any emails or tickets when order is paid, its all auto now.

Anyone who is waiting on an update about an order,  Itwill be updated by Monday 16th. Mostly everything is out or going out! 

A-PHP Powder sorry I put on but forgot to add the stock! its working now

Support ticket now for faster response, working on improving it at moment

Still might take awhile though! 24 hours-ish

Add order number its not working perfect I  improving it this weekend.

Thanks From FX ONE!!! for all support! and patient! and love! XXXX

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*FX CHEM LABS does not approve of the recreational misuse of research chemicals.
We only sell our products to customers aged 18 years or over, for purposes of research only.

Arylcyclohexylamine (1)

Benzodiazepine (5)

Cathinone (7)

Lysergamide (2)

Other (1)

Phenethylamines (4)

Stimulants (3)

Tryptamines (1)